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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by powg, Sep 3, 2011.

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    2 of my buddies went down to our east tx deer lease( panola county) to scout around for some stand sites ,1 buddy took his dog .....the dog was bitten by a snake and died within a hour . They shaved the hair from around the puncture marks and they measured 1 -3/4 inches between the holes . Bite was found between the lower neck and front shoulder and had turned black 5 inches around wound site . The snake was never seen but had to have been a very big timber rattler .
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    Oh, geeze. I am so sorry this happened to the dog. No rattlesnakes where I live.

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    Lord snakes give me the creeps.I would be a bad hunter in Texas. There aint no game on the ground in front of your feet and thats where i would have my eyes peeled and all out fitted with some of those knee high snake boots I seen the hunters wear in florida.
    I went through boot camp in Fort leanard wood Mo. Back in 1976 and where we bivwacked once. One of the the guys in my squad killed a copper head about 4 foor long and came packing it out on the end of a entrenching tool.That night i had guard duty. No lights and i had to walk the perimeter of the tents in low scrub brush. Every step was a heart moving experience and I could feel a bite any second. It was the longest three hours I think I ever spent.
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    My dog was bit by a sidewinder last year. It was not a Mojave Green, so he survived. Problem is it damaged a heart valve. The Vet can give dogs a shot now that will often save them. The dog must get a booster each year after the first shot. All dogs in snake country should get this shot. A snake that big and a bite in the side will still likely die. But I have known dogs with the shot to make it after a bite from a larger snakes.
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    I am in actual sorrow. I dreadfully feel sorry for the loss of your friends doggy. We look forward to praying, and trust that this time will soon pass.