watch your mailbox for fraud

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    We received a letter at our address with someone else's name on it. We called the insurance company that sent the letter and told them they had the wrong address. Then we received their voters registration card, that set off some huge warning bells. Wife is friends with city manager, full on now :)

    They now have an arrest warrant out.
    Postal Inspector is involved
    All the mail is being held at the post office
    Fraud alert will be taken care of Monday.

    Wife said, they done p'd off the wrong B :)

    Have since learned, it's not a school district scam and driver license addresses can be changed via the internet. Also some people are changing their addresses to foreclosed houses and moving in. Very difficult to get them busted out of YOUR house. Friend of mine ran into a guy in Alaska that had that happen. He was gone for three month, came home and tried to legally get the guy out, took NINE months!