WASR 10/63 rescue/refinish

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    Picked this project up in a trade. A buddy got it from a pawn shop just before I moved. He said he didn't have the time or motivation to clean it up but knew that I like the occasional challenge. I didn't take before pics but this whole rifle had been spray painted from muzzle to buttplate with black krylon.

    Used zip strip and metal picks and wire brushes to get all the krylon off. About 5 hours there. Then applied minwax red mahogany stain. Then some red water based stain (trying to get a nice dark red/brown tone). And finally some polyurethane. Here's a phone pic. Will try to take it out and shoot it later this week after the finish cures a bit. Sights and gas block seem straight. Mag wobble is minimal. So, here's hoping it's a decent shooter.



    Plain ol' Romanian WASR 10/63 with 1977 date on the trunion.
    Cal is 7.62x39mm
    G2 trigger and US grip.
    Slant brake
    Tapco mag came with it
    Has the cleaning rid still but no kit in the butt.
    Sling is a three point I got from my buddy when he came back from Afghanistan.

    The wood is the original Romanian. Laminate on the butt and hardwood on the handguard. Getting all of the black krylon off the wood was actually fairly easy with the zip strip and wire brush. The nooks and crannies in the metal was the painful part. Plus there were probably several coats of paint with runs and bubbles in places. Whoever painted it didn't take any time or concern even for a krylon job.

    So, that's the original phosphate finish on the metal. I may properly coat it in the future.

    And just a note on using zip strip. It's a great product that really speeds up the paint stripping procedure. However you need to wear gloves when using it. I had a little get on my skin past where my gloves were covering. It burns pretty good on the skin.


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    Great Job! Nice work! She is a beauty!


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    Great work and pics. Looks like mine only my Romanian AKM is stamped 1967.
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    Alright I took the WASR and my LCP to the local clear cut, where the locals seem to pop off informal rounds. I only really got to do function testing, close-in drills, and verify a 25 meter battle zero on the WASR since the longest distance is about 25 meters. Sights were pretty much on windage wise but still hitting a bit low for battle sight zero. I tested 5 different types of ammo and only used the Tapco mags that came with the rifle, since my other AK mags are still in storage. I didn't take any paper targets and all of my shooting was done offhand.

    Group here on this piece of plywood is a collection of all five loads tested. All were low from POA but prety well centered.

    The loads tested were top from L to R: Everybody's favorite Tulammo FMJ, Fiocchi FMJ, Wolf 122gr HP, some old school white packaged Wolf lacquer coated FMJ, and low in the middle is some Barnaul HP that is sittng about at my point of aim on the board (didn't have the box but had some in an ammo can on stripper clips).

    Everything fed, fired and ejected without fail. After poking holes in plywood I bounced a plastc Coke bottle around with 100% hits, even with some left handed drills.

    Finally I switched to the LCP and bounced a bottle and can around for a few mags worth of entertainment. It seems to shoot pretty naturally when I'm not trying to shoot groups on paper with it.