Warwick .25 a "Savage Model 1907 copy"?

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  1. zenbu9

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    Warwick .25.jpg Does anyone know about a Savage pistol clone called the "Warwick"?

    I heard it's a Spanish copy of the Savage model 1907 .25 pistol that was made after Savage Arms discontinued making them in 1910.
    They focus more on the .32 and the .380's up to 1920.

    Would appreciate any info on this "rare" item.

    Please click on photo in box for a bigger view.
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  2. zenbu9

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    Well, I guess this is "really" a RARE old gun since nobody has anything to say 'bout it.
    I have been researching this gun on the internet and have come up empty.

    Can anyone out the in Gunland tell me where to look to find more on this "Warwick"?

  3. OldManMontgomery

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    Been to three county fairs and a hog callin'...

    And I never seen one of them.

    At least, not labelled as a "Warwick".

    The photo however, looks very much like the Astras of earlier days. Check Wikipedia for "Astra Falcon" and you'll find an article on Astra (- Unceta y Cia, SA) from the Basque region of Spain. There's a picture identified as an Astra 300 and looks a lot like your pistol. In later years, the pistol was modified and renamed the "Falcon" and imported into the U. S.

    Looks to me like a design match anyway. Still never heard of a Warwick. Nor have I ever heard the Astra was a clone of the Savage pistol. But one never knows.
  4. zenbu9

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    Yes, I knew this before, Astra (Spain) most certainly copied the Savage model 1907 and called it the Astra 300. I'm begining to think "Warwick" was really Astra in disguise.

    Any gun design that was not copyrighted or patent in Spain that was not made in Spain could be made by anyone in Spain without regards to the original design owner and maker. Savage repeatedly sued several Spanish & Italian gun maker over this.

    There was also another Spainish company called Mondial that made a gun like the Savage .25 that never went into full production. A copy of the original except for the grips.
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    I'm coming in pretty late on this, but the Warwick is the same as a Mondial, just under a different name. This is pretty common with the Spanish/Eibar pistols of that time, as well as similar but different pistols from different makers having the same name. It is all part of what makes collecting (or even understanding) the Spanish/Eibar pistols so difficult and interesting.

    The Mondial/Warwick does not actually copy a Savage, but only tries to capitalize on the "Savage look and feel." These are pretty standard Spanish/Eibar "Ruby-type" Browning-based vestpocket pistols. The Savage automatics were sold internationally and with 10-round magazines (in .32) were the "hi-cap" pistol of their day. A number of Spanish/Eibar gunmakers tried to tie their pistols to the Savage brand.

    BTW, the various .25 Savages were only "vestpocket pistol" prototypes made from about 1915-1920. None ever went into production, although some came close enough that Savage made salemen's samples. The larger "pocket pistol" model 1907 was made in .32 from 1908-1920 and in .380 from 1913-1920; this was the original Savage automatic (although during the early years of the model 1907 Savage also made a .45 prototype, of which several hundred were made for US Army testing in the competition for a new sidearm -- the Savage was the only other finalist, along with the pistol that ended up winning the competition and became known as the Colt 1911). The other two Savage automatics, the "hammerless" model 1915 and wide-gripped model 1917 (which replaced the m1907 in 1920) were essentially variations of the same design, and also made in only .32 and .380.