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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by Harley dave, Apr 8, 2009.

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    My first post here about anything, but I didn't think the duck hunting forum sites I usually visit would give me good direction.

    I currently have a Para-Ordnance Warthog on layaway. I only have $175 to go to pay it off, but now am hearing disconcerting things about them.
    The main thing I have been hearing is that they have failure to feed problems, especially with anything other than FMJ round ball.
    1.) Could this just be a problem that people are having from not giving them enough break-in?
    2.) Could it be a magazine problem? Plastic follower problem?
    3.) Or does the fact that it is a little 3" barreled gun have anything to do with it?

    Also I am hearing that they do not like to lock open on an empty magazine when rounds are expended.

    I have only shot a well used older one, rented at a range, but now I also hear that it ejects rounds back into the shooters face/forehead. The range's gun did not. Is this true with the newer manufacturered Warthogs?

    I'd particularly like to hear from those who currently own Warthogs and their experiences with them. Everything I've listed above is hearsay, mostly from a guy who thinks a S&W Sigma is a great gun. Claims he has found out from forums and a couple of range officers.

    I'd like to know before I finish off the layaway. I could alway cancel it and throw the money towards a different compact 1911 style gun depending on answers I get in the next week and a half. I do know my second choice there, so I don't need suggestions.

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    1. That PA is a high end pistol. Of which most of them need 500 to 2000 rounds before the really smooth things out and run like a champ.

    2. Could be a mag problem, I run only wilson combat 8rd mags in my kimber never had a single problem from them.

    3. 1911 with a barrel shorter than 4" tend to jam a little more than 4 or 5" guns.
    I am sure JD will be along to give you must more and better info than I can.