Warren Tactical Sights.

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    I just installed my new Warren Tactical sights on my EDC Glock 23. I took it out to open range, and after putting 100rds through my duty gun (Glock 21), I ran 350rds through the 23. All shooting was combat style, from concealment (Crossbreed Supertuck), moving off the "X", shooting failure drills- usually 5 shots body 3 shots head, as fast as I could from 25, 15 and 7 yards. Most shooting was done at 15 yards. The sights are fast, and I pushed as fast as I could. When I started shooting loose, I slowed down a hair, and cut some big holes out of the target. I didn't have a shot timer, but I was shooting much faster than with the 21 (which has Meprolight sights) and getting better hits when I pushed myself. These are great sights, and will be going on all my guns.

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    Good shooting and nice photos. Thanks for sharing.