Warning to Glenn Beck: Don’t Drink Diet Coke

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    The article is on infowars and pulled from other sites. It initially discusses medical issues he is dealing with. The article is informative in nature; but, scary information regarding "Aspartame". Now they say this is perfectly safe to consume. You all can decide for yourselfs, me I will check the packages a little more on the ingredients. Some of the items, will no longer be consumed! Damn, all the goodies I somewhat love! :(

    Aspartame is made up of 50% phenylalanine — as noted above, genetically modified — 40% aspartic acid and 10% methyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol inevitably affects vision. Back when the government imposed prohibition on the country, thousands of people went blind due to the use of wood alcohol/methanol in spirits (Moonshine).

    Product that uses aspartame is Equal and Nutrasweet.

    Here is the link to the article:

    Warning to Glenn Beck: Don’t Drink Diet Coke

    Food facts website, also read some of the comments and some of the links that are posted in those comments:

    Surprising Foods Containing Aspartame

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    I'll be in trouble when beer and water start to contain this crap. :)

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    really again with the sweet and low is going to kill you crap. WHAT EVER....

    This stuff is getting old really.
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    Don't you dare jinx me!