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    I have this old shotgun that I am working on for a friend. It is a Wards Hercules,20ga. I have tried to find out who actually made this shotgun but not having much luck. I have had replies that it is a Iver-Johnson or A Stevens
    and even a H&R Topper. None of these fit the make and thereis no model number to go by. I ordered a trigger guard and the forend, but were not the right parts. The forend was a small dove tail. The one I have is a longer snap on piece. So my question is does any one know who made these shotguns and where I might find the parts? I tried Gunparts with no luck. Jack First was no help either. All I have is the serial number to go buy.
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    mossberg or a noble ...

    mossberg shipped guns to mongomery wards,

    but ? so did stevens....and everyone else ... got pictures ?
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    Well if it's a Mongomery Wards, Wards then it was made by all of those companies at different times, kind of like the Eddystone, Winchester, Remington 1917 30-06. It really doesn't matter though, the parts are pretty much interchangable.

    Edit, I just saw you are trying to figure out the model number. Post some pics and I'll help you search.
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