wants to go shooting,who wants to join

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    I'm unsure were to put this so im trying here:
    When i move back to PA from NY im gonna wanna start shooting my pistol again...but i hate shooting alone and my best friend down there is a felon on parole(him around a gun=20 yrs in prison) so hes out haha,plus i kinda wanted to go shooting with some experienced shooters and get help with my shooting/accuracy and try to improve so im wondering if any of you in the Pennsylvania(york,hanover,gettysburg)/Maryland(fredrick,westminster,et) area go shooting in groups let me know if you would..i thank you in advance
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    There is free NRA safety training along with some shooting exercises every Thursday, and Friday where I shoot privately.

    NRA shooting courses are great., especially for Conceal Handgun applicants. Anyone can say they know how to maintain/use a firearm, but that all depends on many, many factors.

    You'd be surprised on how many Marylanders were denied for CCW, actually I am pretty sure you wouldn't be surprised.

    Half the people who were applying didn't take an NRA course and no certificate was distinguished. Maryland's Firearm Safety Course is mandatory for Long rifle, handgun(s) purchased; excluding Shotguns in regards to the 7-day wait.

    I remember taking plenty of NRA classes at the end of the week.

    Contacting an NRA instructor will be very beneficial, or any other firearms courses that can help you with both your confidence, and handling of your firearm.

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    From living in Delaware and so close to Maryland boarder I know guys that say you pretty much have to be a LEO to get cc permit. If your not than no go. Is this untrue?