Wanting to open a gun shop

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  1. BullseyePrecision

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    Anyone on here own their own sporting good and firearms store? If so what all went into getting it started and what advice do you have?
  2. danf_fl

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    Get into car repair business, it's cheaper and easier.
    Become a mortician, there is no shortage of customers.

    Not only do you have to know firearms, but other sports as well.
    A few years ago, AKs and SKSs were hot. Today, the ARs. Tomorrow, who knows what the public wants.
    Look at stores like Academy. They have a diverse inventory. To run such a store without the resources that Academy has is asking for ruin.

  3. Olympus

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    The money is in the accessories, not the guns.

    If you want to know the secret of how to make a small fortune, you start with a large fortune and open a gun shop. Then you'll have a small fortune.
  4. mmk56

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    I agree and all the regulations
  5. mmk56

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    Does anyone have a opinion on the Wilson combat sr ar in 300 blackout with there suppressor?
  6. Axxe55

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    an FFL, lots of money or a huge line of credit, a sound business proposal, a huge knowledge of firearms and sporting goods, or people who do, lots of insurance, a location, and most of all a very thick skin! have fun.
  7. wildgeese

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    As the former owner of Wild Gesse Gun Shop in El Cajon Ca.(san diego area) id say hold off...our commie is busy now but soon will be trying everyway he can to put gun shops out of bussiness..Black guns where 75% of my sales.....not to discourage you ill state a few things to be concerned about.......ATF gestoppo.....obomba....horrable economy only going to get worse....most either have what guns they need or to poor to buy them...a huge break in target for crooks...like cars money not in new cars its the used ones or parts/repair........id carry a gun brand and id buy every item one would want to go with it and related items...i fig each black gun sale was $1,500-3k over all in time plus...vs funky sporting that might buy a bx or two ofammo each year my people buy a case or two...accessories can bring in 35-60% mark up vs laying out huge $ for a gun..id carry real govnt gear or clothing to the good paladan press books ets..plus.........you will devote un real hrs to make it go....gotta fig your compation out and most of all know your products or your toast..i was a combat vet and had a great background and they knew it...getting there respect is it..my 4 strong points was...1 id not bs you...2/id treat you well what ever you bought..3/id keep up with the state of the art..4 give you the best price i could......it took me 3 years working 7 days a week at 16 plus hrs a day before store paid overhead..profit in my pocket came later.......after the fed gun law and calif one and resession i lasted 9 years and lost over $400,000.-....homeless 4x ....im on my feet not thanks to a 100% T+P Disability....ok pick anything you know well rescreach it very well..with obomba laws its going to kill most bussiness...its a huge gamble .i wish you well....
  8. Stillersfan

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    Obummer will ruin it for everyone in small business. Taxes .... Taxes .... Taxes ...
  9. silverado113

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    As a gun store owner I make approximately -$15 an hour right now :D
  10. Mongo

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    My brother and I had a sporting goods store in Red Bluff. The ATF was never a problem. It was the State of Calif Dept of Justice that was.
    Opening a new store would depend on what state you reside in?