Wanting to buy the hubby a handgun for Christmas...

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by hunt2gether, Sep 23, 2011.

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    My husband has a concealed weapons permit and he carries his handgun alot. He is a bigtime deer hunter and owns many rifles but his handguns are limited to only 2. He has a .357 S&W and a Bersa Thunder .380. He carries the .380 but he has always wished he would have bought something else. We were shooting it just the other day and it jammed a couple times....may have been the cheap ammo cause when we changed ammo it didn't jam anymore but what if it jams when you're using it for protection?! So I would like to buy him another one for Christmas....hope you gun owners can help me out! Thanks in advance!
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  3. hunt2gether

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    Thanks! I'll check it out!
  4. canebrake

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    Give him a gift certificate from Buds Gun Shop, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops or Local Gun Shops and let him find the gun he wants.

    Concealed Carry guns are a very personal item. We can only suggest what WE like.

    But should you still want our ideas, get him a Colt Light Weight Commander.

  5. MrWray

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    Cant go wrong with bass pro, everytime i go in there it feels like christmas!! 
  6. dunerunner

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    You might also consider a Kahr 9mm, or Ruger LC9.....
  7. Thebiker

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    Wow! What a lucky guy.:D I thought I was one of the only guys with a wife that supporting and thoughtful. A definite hat tip in your direction Hunt2.

    I have to agree with Cane, a CC piece is all about how it feels as well as how it conceals. I know Cane will always recommend a 1911, I'll always lean towards Sig classics......and so it goes.

    The gift certificate is best, unless you just "happen to go browseing" and he falls for a particular handgun. Then just sneak back a buy it without him. I did that to my wife for her Wetherby Athena 20ga. She drooled over it several times and it just appeared under the Christmas Tree. She still calls it her best Christmas present ever:).

    Good luck, you rock!
  8. danf_fl

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    Just be careful. Straw purchases are illegal.
    If you buy a firearm, it is for you. Once you have the firearm, you can do what you want with it.
    But don't go in and say you want to buy one for your spouse.
  9. knfxda

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    I'm no lawyer; I only play one one the internet, but that would *not* be a straw purchase. If she were buying for someone that could not legally own a gun, that would be a straw purchase. Or if he were giving her money to buy a gun on his behalf (even if he could legally own), that would be a straw purchase.

    A gift from wife to husband, husband to wife, or parent to child Would not be a straw purchase.

    *Local laws apply. YMMV.

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  10. Dennis845

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    She wanted it for Christmas, not her husbands retirement :D

    I have several Kimbers and they're fine guns but a little pricey. If my budget was limited, I would suggest looking into a Glock 26 pistol or Ruger SP 101 revolver, very dependable. Personally, my next handgun is going to be a Springfield Loaded, 1911, .45 in stainless steel. Can't afford it until I get the wife her fourth job :rolleyes:
  11. knfxda

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  12. utf59

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    +1 on the gift card idea.

    But if your favorite gun shop doesn't do gift cards or you're going to look in places (gun shows, etc.) where gift cards aren't appropriate, the question I have for you is whether he's happy with the other aspects of the Bersa. Does he like the size, the .380 round, the weight, etc.? Or would he like to move up a bit?
  13. Firearm007

    Firearm007 New Member

    before you consider the solo make sure you got one that actually functions
  14. oldman45

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    Advice from a long time handgun shooter.

    Give him a gift certificate for a new gun. He may not like what any of us likes. He may want a different caliber than what is suggested here. He may want a different finish on his gun.

    If it were me suggesting, I would say a stainless steel 1911 in .45acp with a full five inch barrel. But he is not me. He may be luckier than me since his wife is interested in buying him a gun.

    I took my 30 yr old daughter out shooting a few months ago. She bought a new home and it turned out there was a rental home next door that some people moved into and they were not law abiding people. She wanted a gun for her home. I took nine different handguns and let her run a few rounds through each. I THOUGHT she would like six others over the one she picked after firing each of them. Even a custom 1911 was in the group. She chose a S&W .357 mag with a four inch barrel over everything. What we think someone would want may not be what they even like.
  15. lonyaeger

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    Care to elaborate?
  16. jimbobpissypants

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    Personally, I completely agree with the gift card idea, unless you can get him to drool over a particular model.
    If I were buying a gift card, it would be for Bud's over BPS or Cabela's. Generally, You will get more for your money. The large national retailers can, at times, give you a great price if they make a very large purchase from the manufacturer, or are running a special pro-mo. As for an everyday price, Bud's is hard to beat.
  17. CHLChris

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    The coolest part of a Kimber Solo is that they look REALLY cool. I can't think of too many carry pistols that would have the same WOW factor upon opening!

    Left to his own devices, who knows what he would purchase? In 9mm the Kahr PM9 is really tough to beat and lives around the same price point as the Solo. The Kahr P380 is really nice, too, but he already has a Bersa at around that size.

    But that Solo is purdy! Not enough for me to buy one, granted, but I don't really want a 9mm right now...
  18. charliegirl

    charliegirl New Member

    Another vote for getting him a gift card. It's such a personal choice. I's like your mom trying to pick out a guy/girl to date for you. The best of intentions, but a good margin for error. My two cents. :p
  19. BenLuby

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    Go for the gift card. Trying to buy a gun for him is like him trying to buy you a dress. It may not be what you want, but everyone else may be gaga over it. Or, if he has a favorite gun store, talk to the owner.
    See what your husband goes in there and slobbers over. But safest solution would be a gift card, or take him shopping after giving him a good steak, and then buy the gun right there, and slap a bow on it before handing it to him.
  20. paulbrower

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    Not to knock Kimbers, but I was on three waiting lists to get the Solo 9mm. I found a guy trying to sell his online (legally), and I called him to ask why he was selling it. He told me (not making this up) that it was the biggest piece of crap he ever owned, and he owned two other Kimbers. Slide problems, trigger problems, etc. Had sent it twice in for repair and new problems kept popping up. So, I started researching specifically for Kimber Solo owners that had problems, and there were plenty.

    I carry a Glock 27 for IWB carry, which I don't always have, cause it is a tad bulky. I also always (always always) have a Ruger LCP in pocket, or sometimes on ankle if I've also got the Glock 27 on me. I've fired both my concealed guns often, and extensively, and have never had any issues whatsoever. I previously had (still have it, but now it's the wife's) an S&W Bodyguard 380. It had a trigger issue, and S&W fixed it, and it's fired fine since, but I'll never carry it again because I don't feel 100% confident it won't misfire.

    There something to be said about having a gun that you absolutely know will go 'bang, when you pull the trigger. I've come to believe that guns can be like cars...sometimes you get a lemon. I know a cop who has carried the same Glock 27 for many years, even though there are newer models/generations. Why? Because it has never failed. Once you find a gun that is reliable and feels good, you're probably set for a very long time.

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