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    I am starting to look at building my own AR15 or M4, I have heard this is very easy to do and that most people can do it. Anyone have any experience? Also any reasons why I should go with AR or M instead of the other? I do know that the AR is more accurate but I much prefer the shorter M4. I am new I the "tactical" weapons I could use some advice. Thanks in advance everyone!!
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    Both are going to be based on the AR15 design.

    You can incorporate M4 features that the military incorporated as they shifted to the M4 Carbine.

    Teh Beuty of the AR platform is that you can use the modularity of the removeable upper half to configure your rifle however you want for a given task. I would say that the carbine is probably more handy for genereal shooting fun, practicality, etc. versus the rifle configuration. But if you wanted an accuracy platform, you could build a second complete upper half that was made for that task. Then when you need it to be lighter, shorter and more handy, you just put your carbine upper back on.

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    Building an AR can be fun and can intimidating at first. By building one yourself gives you hands on experience of the AR mechanics.

    There are many web sites available to guide you along and if you get stuck just ask.

    I am building up a carbine for my son as we speak. My goal is budgeted at $650.00. It just takes time looking for deals on the parts.
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    I also am building my first M4. So far so good. One issue. I want to use an original M4 barrel with the slots under barrel for the A-2 front sight. The hiccup, there is a muzzle break on it that doesn't appear to be welded and has to pin holding it. Is there some kind of epoxy? If so, what is the best way to remove it without damaging the brake or the barrel? Like he said, thanks in advance. My thought is to use a torch to heat the epoxy and take off the brake with a wrench. Any thoughts?
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    An actual M4 barrel is 14.5 inches and therefor falls under the NFA, a rifle must have a barrel of at least 16". By pinning and welding the flash hider or brake in place, this is considered part of the barrel because it isn't removable.

    If it isn't welded, it isn't legal without a tax stamp

    It is possible that it has been soldered, I'm not sure of the legality of that, but it could be removed.
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    The complete upper I purchased is giving me fits is getting the sights to align.

    The gas block is not pinned and is skewed a little. Having that as the only place to attach a sling does not help keep it in alignment either.

    As with other ventures, buyer beware.