Wanting info on a 38 special rohm i got from a friend

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by thead55, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. thead55

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    It's a rohm gmbh sontheim/brz mod. 63 cal. 38 special. Made in Germany. And has Florida Firearms Corp. Miami, FLA. It's a six shot revolver. Needs to be refinished and needs sights. Is this gun worth fixing or is it pretty much junk. Any info you might know about it would be very helpful.
  2. NGIB

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    Not worth investing any time or money into it...

  3. oldcoptn46

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    Just my opinion but I think if you had it refinished you would probably have to spend more than it is worth. Sorta like doubling the value of your old truck by filling the gas tank:
  4. willfully armed

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    Its a cheap pot metal gun, best use is a murder weapon.
    I offer $40.
  5. Esteban

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    You always associate Germans with quality materials & worksmanship,,,, but,,,,,,, not with this line of pistols.
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    I'm working on a gun under the same company, except mine is a 44 magnum its the model 57 that hardly anyone knows existed. I've worked on another one from them in a .22 short that was stamped by a sub-company or sister company but its pretty much still and RG. If you need parts, look under RG brand at the Numrich's website.

    I did a cold blue on my mod 57 pistol and replaced the worn out parts, now all I need is a firing pin that is just a tad bit longer that the factory one to facilitate positive primer strikes. I've put time into the pistol but its good practice for me, all together I think I paid $200 for it so far, not counting ammo of course.
    Unfortunately Willfully Armed mentioned, they do seem to be fairly soft and impure metals to make guns with. I think I've actually seen pots made with better metal than some RGs :rolleyes: but they do fire when you put them in working order, but dont expect anything better than a Hi-Point pistol's accuracy from them.
    Dont scrap it if you decide to get rid of it, you can still make profit off of it, even if it is still marginal.
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  8. danf_fl

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    The couple I have seen and worked on, I would "red tag" and put it away.
  9. DrumJunkie

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    Something is only worth what you are willing to pay. With the RG line of pistols I have not seen one priced over 100.00. I had one that was paid 50 bucks for and it was around long enough to become trade fodder to get something better. THey are not the best made but they work OK if you don't work them hard. The last one I had (mod 22T) fell out of time and I couldn't see paying to fix it so it went off in a trade.

    If I could fix it really cheap then your 38 is worth fixing. You can replace that revolver at any gun show for around 50-75 dollars. And that is with a finish and sights on it. Maybe find another one and keep it as a parts gun (the one you have now)
  10. Swiftyjuan

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    You have a pretty decent doorstop.