Wanting a Tipton gun vise...

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by ICleanBrassWithJager, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. ICleanBrassWithJager

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    But I'm also checking out the Tipton "best" gun vise, but it's twice as much... Is it worth it for someone who's guns are just a hobby?
  2. Highpower

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    I have both. It's just a hobby for me as well. The "best" vice is much more versatile though.

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  3. DrFootball

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    I have the less expensive Tipton and the MTM " Maintainence ctr"

    What really runs a lot are the "Bench Shooting" rests, a few I saw were well north of $350. I have the K-Zone from MTM, and I have extra bags to mount and Stabilize both the rest and the Stock of the Long gun. You can always buy a "Vice" Block to fit the gun your working on and secure it to your workbench. The bench I have was left here by a prior owner, about 6 Ft. Long and 3Ft. Deep, it looks similar to, but not Quite like the bench Harbor Freight sells. It's got one very long Draw, and three smaller ones.

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