Want to start reloading. Suggestions

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    I would like to start reloading. Specifically the 45acp for target and the 357 mag for hunting. I would like your thoughts on a good starter dies, press, primers, gunpowders, etc. Does handgun brass stretch enough to warrant a trimmer??? Is there a guide that is better than others?? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I don't blow my hand off. What are good indications that you cannot use the brass anymore.
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    Start here:


    Read, read, and read! As you read, some questions will pop up and you should post those in the Ammo & Reloading section.

    I'm sure you will pick up a mentor, (I am fortunate to have two!) and listen to them! There is no better info than that from a 30+ year reloaded looking over your shoulder.

    Fix SAFETY as your linchpin. In reloading, safety is the anchor we all pivot around.

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    45acpand 357mag good starter cartridges for pistol as there is a wealth of info out there on how what and why to load them.

    What kind of target load are you looking for? Are you looking for a low cost plinker round to just go to the range and blast away with or are you looking for a highly accurate major power factor load for IPSC OR USPSA.

    I load for the 45acp and I have loaded for the 357 mag before.

    There is a lot to learn and what not.

    One more thing Get yourself a copy of The ABC's of reloading. This is a great book to have on hand and can answer many questions for you right in front of your face.

    Also what ever equipment you do buy make sure to have the customer support phone numbers handy. ALL companies that belong to the NRMA National Reloading Manufactures Assoc. will be more than happy to help you out on the phone. These companies want you to load and have gun and be safe. RCBS, Hornady, Dillon all have great warranties and will replace just about any part free of charge if you call.....
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    Thank you both. I will pick up the books and will be back later I'm sure with questions. I am looking to do a little of everything in the 45 and specifically hunting loads for 357 for now. I am sure I would like to expand on that later. Just wanted to take it slow get one thing at a time. Thanks again.