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  1. dunn

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    What is the most cheapest yet good reloader
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    I started with one of these
    it comes with everything you need to get started except the dies and possibly a case tumbler/cleaner. I find the bench mount press gives you a good feel for whats going on. It's always best to start with a single stage press. This press uses removable collates that make for quick changing and adjustment of dies, once they are locked into the collate the adjustments stay true with good dies. Additional collates are also sold at midwayusa.com and just about any sporting goods chain store. As your skills and knowledge increase you will learn what to add to your equipment and when you choose to upgrade your press you will still find and make good use of your Lee press. Good luck and I hope you find the same satisfaction in re loading as many of us have.

  3. Ledbetter84

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    I'm a big fan of RCBS. In the end you get what you paid for. I learned it the hard way and ended up re buying a lot of stuff. Cost more in the end.
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    Lee makes inexpensive stuff that is often pretty good. Lee also makes the the cheapest way to reload the "Lee Loader". Start small,think big.
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  6. blucoondawg

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    I started out with the RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme kit as well, its a good starter kit, I also picked up a Forester Case trimmer because the kit didnt come with one.
  7. noylj

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    First, if you don't know if you will enjoy reloading, get the little Lee Reloading Press for about $30. It'll handle anything up to and including 8mm Rem Mag. Also, get the "ABCs of Reloading" and Lyman's #49 manual.
    You can start with just a set of Lee dies (includes shell holder and dipper). Instruction sheet and Richard Lee's book contain starting loads referencing the dipper. You can't put too much powder in the dipper, so weighing is not needed.
    After you've loaded a few, you can then think about what you might want for a powder measure, balance, and additional tools.
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    I started with a used rock chucker and other stuff i could get at gun shows and from friends. I have friends with dillions but i like the single stage better. It gives me more quailty control, some of my friends with the dilions get a little carried away. They try to go to fast and lose the cosistancy and accuracy. I spent 2 months reading everything i could find on reloading befor i made my first round. I have figured out my own system and can load 75 to 100 quailty rounds in a hour. I have friends that want to buy my 45 acps , but im lucky to just have enough for my stock pile and outings. I would tell any one to try it but it can be time consuming lol.

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  9. Ima-Savage

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    I use a Lee Challenger press. I bought the kit and it had everything I needed to start re-loading for $125. It even came with my caliber choice of die sets. I have seen a Broken Lee press. Because the guy didn't use enough case lube, he destroyed it. Simple to avoid.
    I use my Lee challenger for 6 different calibers and it is Wonderful!
    The RCBS stuff is heavy-duty(IMO-Overkill) BUT They are definitely better quality. But the COST of RCBS products is prohibitive. Even their die sets are twice as much! I am just reloading bullets- not artillery shells, so I don't need a press capable of squashing solid steel!
    I'd still rather buy Lee products because I want to spend the saved $$'s on more die sets, powder, etc... Lee Presses get the job done.
  10. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    I have never had,or used a single stage press.If you were just going to load for 1 caliber,I could see where it would be fine.
    A Turret press is what I started out with 30yrs ago,and what I still use today. All of your dies are setup,and the presses can be used as a single stage,or as a progressive press depending on your needs.
    Changing calibers is as simple as pulling out one turret plate,and swapping it with another that already has the dies setup in it,and changing the shell holder if needed.

    Lee Turret presses are what I use,I have the Classic Turret,and the Deluxe Turret presses,and you can use the turret plates w/dies in each of them. I use the Classic to load all of my rifle cartridges,and the Deluxe is setup with the Auto index rod to load my pistol cartridges in a progressive manner.

    While some guy's here suggest a higher priced brand of press because they think it's a better press,I'll suggest the Lee Turret press.The Classic is a better made press than the Deluxe,but both produce ammo that is just as accurate as any of the other brands.

    My first press was an old worn out Lyman turret press that was given to me.It was a very good press,but hard to find replacement parts for.Then I bought a Lee,and have used them ever since.

    This place has some good prices on Lee products if your interested- http://fsreloading.com/

    The Lee kits will give you most of what you need to get started,but I would suggest buying a good beam scale like a RCBS 505 or the like.The Lee scale works,but it is a PIA to use.You can find some good used scales on ebay,for half of what you'd pay for a new one.
    And a quality powder measure like a Redding,Hornady,or RCBS is also a must to have if you plan on doing a lot of cases at one time.
  11. 1hole

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    "What is the most cheapest yet good reloader "

    Assuming by "reloader" you mean what single stage press, there is no contest: it's Lee's "Classic Cast". In fact, it's the current strongest, longest lasting and has the best user features press of its type at any price; IF the CC had been available when I bought my Rock Chucker my main press would be red instead of green. And I wouldn't have to keep sweeping up gobs of spent primers tossed on the floor and keep cleaning primer grit off the ram.
  12. elfmdl

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    Don't get caught up in the low cost of the lee pressess they will bite you in the end. Get a rcbs rockcucker supreme press it will last you a lifetime
  13. Txhillbilly

    Txhillbilly Active Member

    And just how many years of experience do you have with either product?
    I've been doing it for over 30 years,and the Lee presses have served me well.

    I'm not trying to be a brand snob,I have just about every brand of reloading equipment out in my shop,and it all works good,and last for many,many years.
    I have broken and worn out just about everything for all the brands over the years,and rarely will any of the mfg's not stand behind their products and send you replacement parts for the item.

    There are also items made by every mfg,that end up being a POS,and not worth buying,but there are very few presses made by Lee,RCBS,Lyman,Hornady that will not serve the owner a very long time into the future.

    The RCBS Rockchucker press is a very good product,but so are most of the Lee's.
  14. Ledbetter84

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    I still have the Lyman turret press that I'm not a fan of. Gonna keep it for handguns. Going to buy the RCBS for rifles. Too much play in the Lyman. Just my .02