Want to get a stripped lower but my choices are...

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by msup752, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. msup752

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    I want to get a stripped lower to start my 300blk build. One of the larger LGS's has several in stock in the $99 to $150 range. I have seen many times that a lower is a lower and get the one with the marks you like. Are any of these on the list to avoid or a must buy? I'm going to pick one up on Monday when I put a .22 can on the 6-8 month waiting list.

    Detroit Gun Works ($99)
    Rock River Arms
    Para Ordnance
    And they said they have others as well but this is most of what they sell.

    If the darn phone would stop ringing here at work I'd browse these makes and see what the roll marks look like!
  2. Jpyle

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    From the choices listed S&W and RRA would be my 1st and 2nd choices. The M&P 15 rollmark is pretty cool to boot. Spikes Tactical, Yankee Hill Machine, Palmetto State Armory and a slew of others are probably more well known and reputable than the others listed, IMHO

    I believe there is a lower receiver picture thread on here somewhere that will save you the effort of looking for all the brands on Google.

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    Try JD machine in sandiego just bought a lower and had it costumed engraved .
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    I like a lot of the Spikes Tactical roll marks myself. From your list I would chose RRA but they are in my area so I'm a little bias. You could also look at STAG, and PSA (as mentioned) but it really depends on your budget.