Want to feel like a fossil?

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    Now and again, I get some good natured ragging about being "the old man". Well, as Howard Cosell once said, "Attacking my ego is like shooting spitballs at a battleship." But I did run across the item below (notalwaysright.com) and thought that it would be of some interest. Read, and THEN see how old you feel. Aluminum walkers are on sale this week at Sams's Club! :p

    Retail | Allentown, PA, USA
    (Several teenage patrons are reading the ‘What does your birthday mean?’ keychains.)

    Teenager #1: “Mine’s September 11th. Wasn’t that, like, a bad day in history or something?”

    Me: “How old are you guys?”

    All teens: “Thirteen!”

    (I do quick mental math. I realize they were only six when the twin towers fell.)

    Me: “Yes. It was a very bad day. Members of an extremist group hijacked some planes and–”

    (While reading a keychain from the day the Berlin Wall fell, the second teenager interrupts me.)

    Teenager #2: “Hey! What does ‘co-MUNE-ism’ mean?”
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    Who is Howard Cosell?:confused::D

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    If my twin granddaughters can name every Disney character and identify every Disney movie just from the theme music, why don't they know about recent history. They are four!!

    At thirteen, a kid shouold know everything from the time of their birth to the present. God knows they will by the time they are eighteen!!