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    I'm planning to build a 458 hunting rifle. I'm considering using one of the full length ultramag cases and necking it up to 458.

    There are several existing wildcats based on this concept such as the 450 Howell, 458 African express, and the 450 Vincent Long to name a few.

    My concern is that using the 404 Jeffrey diameter case and necking it up to 458 doesn't leave much of a shoulder for headspacing.

    Do any of you have direct experience with this particular type of wildcat or know anyone that has?
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    What about a .458 AccRel based on the .300 RUM case(I think) although I think cases are now made for this.From memory it'll spit a 350/400 gn pill out at about 2400fps.
    I've shot 1 of these and also a .500 AccRel and they'd both cover most things African but if you start using anything in 500gn be prepared for a rough day on the bench as these things will give you a Wetherby Eyebrow and a big love bite on the shoulder if you get a bit sloppy in your handling/shooting technique and after about 5-10 shots you start to lose interest real quick,regards

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    I would suggest building a .458 American. It is a .458 Win Mag belted case shortened to 2". And that is all you have to do. It gives you almost all the advantages of a standard .458 Win. Mag but with a little less recoil. Going to a lighter bullet will make it the twin of the Win Mag cartridge. I built 2 of them. One for my best buddy and one for myself. The brass is easy to come by and trimming is a cinch. I have not had to retrim the 100 cases I started with since I bought them. 5 yrs ago and 10 reloads. And the belt gives you excellent head space all the time.
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    re: wanting to build a 458

    Thanks for the two replies so far. I have heard of the 458 based on the 300 ultra case.

    But as I said in my original post, I would like to hear from people who have had actual experience loading and shooting similar cases and can comment on any issues they have had regarding headspace. This is the only issue that is holding me up from proceeding with this build.

    I know there are numerous other 458 cartridges such as the Lott etc, all of which may do velocity wise as much as the cartridge I'd like to build. But as all of you wildcatters and experimenters know, very rarely is it only about velocity. A lot of times it is more about the fun of the design and build process, and having something that very few other people have when you're done.

    As far as the 458 American 2", that's going the wrong way in velocity for me. If I was interested in sub 458 win mag velocity, I would just buy a 458 winnie and load it down.
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    If I was going to build a 458 Rifle I would stick with the standard 458 SOCOM Cal. You can get brass, dies and even factory produced ammunition for it in both defense loads and just plain shooting loads. And since I have used it, it is a great round for pigs and other game. Wouldn't be a bad black bear round or as a back up gun in big bear country. It can be shot in an AR Rifle format and is also legal in such states as Indiana and others that only allow pistol cals when deer hunting other than Shotgun. Not to mention the ballistics of the standard 458 SOCOM is close to a 45-70 at 100 yards. They can be shot effectively out to 200 yards.