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i have a carbon 15 type 97 ar-15 pistol: i would like to trade for a full size ar-15, m-16, or any other fun toys letm me know what you have. i also have 6 30 mags that come with it, scope rail, buffer cover and a red dot scope

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Pistols feature Receivers and other parts molded of durable Carbon Fiber Composite, and Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrels with operating controls similar to any AR-15 Type Firearm.

* Receivers and other parts are molded of durable, water resistant Carbon 15 Composite. Operating controls are similar to any AR15 type firearm, and Safety Lever markings are color coded for quick and easy identification.

* Rear Sight is a Ghost Ring Type, and Front Sight is a Blade machined into the Gas Block.

* 5.56mm / .223 Rem. caliber Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel - Fluted for lighter weight and improved cooling capability. Includes a Quick Detach Compensator for control of muzzle rise in rapid fire sequences.

* Fitted with Hogue® OverMolded Pistol Grip for ergonomic
hand comfort.

email me @ [email protected]
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