Walther SP22 M2 sportspistol

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by Krakinoz, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. Krakinoz

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    Hey there. I'm from Denmark and we do not have the same variety of handguns as many other countries have, because of very strict rules.

    So I am looking for a good sportspistol, that can be used by both right and left handed people.

    I have been looking at the "Walther SP22 M2 sportspistol" and it seems to be a nice pistol.

    The real question is, do any of you have experience with this specific handgun, and would you say yay or ney to buying one?

    I hope you can help me with my question :)
  2. Garadex

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    From what I've seen it has a lot of positive and quite a few negative ones.

    Welcome to the forum, you should stop by the introduction section and say hello.

  3. DrFootball

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    Welcome! There were negative reports on similar early models, but they seem to have been Fixed! Walther s one of those iconic brands that everyone wants in their collection.