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    Company Website - http://www.waltherarms.com/
    Manufacturer - Walther

    A self-defense handgun does no good if it is miles away when you need it. The PPS is a concealed carry firearm that is slim, light and comfortable to wear all day long. Yet it is fast to bring into action, pleasant to fire and easy to shoot accurately. With Walther, performance comes in small packages.


    Low profile three dot polymer combat sights.
    Rapid aiming and target acquisition. Rear sight screw adjustable for windage. Low profile won't snag clothing. Optional metal self-illumination and metal Tritium night sights.

    Tenifer coated slide and barrel.
    Resists corrosion. Matte finish.

    Loaded chamber viewport.
    Quick status inspection.

    Rear slide serrations.
    Non-slip surface to operate the slide. Distinctive Walther styling.

    Red cocking indicator.
    Tactile and visible status for low light.

    Smooth no-snag slide stop.
    Slide locks back on empty.

    Three magazine options.
    Flat for concealment, mid for comfort, and large for extra capacity.

    Ergonomic Walther grip.
    Comfortable shape. Non-slip cross-directional grip surface.

    Paddle-style ambidextrous magazine release levers.
    Fast, no-look magazine changes. Extended for positive operation even with gloves.

    Smooth, light 6.1 lb trigger pull.
    Short trigger travel and reset for fast, accurate second shots. Superb trigger feel aids accuracy.

    Custom accessory rail.
    Mounts optional flashlight or laser.​
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    I used to manage two very dangerous apartment complexes before I got into the Firearms business. This lead me on a journey to find a gun I could wear everyday to work without my tenants or my employees finding out about it.I still needed to be able to access it very quickly so it needed to be inside the waistband and not around my ankle. What I wanted from my conceal carry was solid handling and and slim frame so it disappearon my hip. For me a good concealed gun has always had to be extremely thin because its the wider guns that always catch my eye concealed on strangers when i am out and about. When I wear my gun I choose a soft holster inside the waist at 4 o-clock. Walther sends a 7 and an 8 round magazine with this gun. The 7 rounder leaves my pinky finger hanging below the magazine where as the 8 rounder has a perfect grip etension that contours with the grip. I love my extended magazine at the well but really appreciate the morecompact7 rounder when I am carrying the Walther with a tucked in shirt. It the best of both worlds for me.
    Despite the slim frame on my gun and my big hands I had no trouble keeping this 9mm under control at the range. The gun performed without flaw at the range and its sculpted grip made it very easy to control follow up shots at any speed. The Magazine release was also a major factor in my purchase. The lower half of the trigger guard has a lever that you pull down on to release the mag. I prefer this over the button style releasesbecauseit is much more likely to dump your mag when you sit down or bump up against anything. It also makes it easy for you to use your index finger or thumb to release.
    Ive been carrying my Walther everywhere I am allowed for 6 months now and Ive realized that it has just become part of my routine. That the best kind of carry weapon in my opinion. The one you can carry without thinking about it. Price Payed: $555.00 Recommended? Yes Pros: Sleek and slim Cons: No safety Synopsis: Great carry gun!