walther pps 9mm

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by mbl, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. mbl

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    purchased a walther pps , having feed problem and goes to slide lock before magazine is empty. anybody have suggestions
  2. Hollander

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    Google up the pps owners forum. You will find a lot of info there. Generally they are very good guns. I have the .40 but wished I had the 9mm instead since the .40 is just too snappy for my old wrists. Once I deplete my 350 rds of ammo I may put it up for sale and get a 9 instead. My holsters will fit both. Good Luck. I am sure you will find a good solution.

  3. Wambli

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    I have a 9mm PPS and it is an outstanding gun that has flkwless right from the box.
    A few questions:
    Is the problem with all the mags that came with it or just one?
    Did you clean and lube the gun before going to the range?
    What kind of ammo are you having a problem with?
    What kind of feed problems? Does the round go halfway in, or is it double feeding or stovepiping on you?

    In any case I woudl give their customer service a shout right away. Even if you have an issue it should be swiftly corrected by them. Even the best gun amanufacturers have a production Boo-boo every once in a while. Most of them handle them quickly and to your satisfaction.