Walther ppk/s

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by mike10801, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. mike10801

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    So I bought one of these today, the version not built in va but the one that is built in ME with the longer beaver tail to protect my hand from slide bite. I got a really good price but have never really shot one and was looking to get some opinions about the pistos from my friends here. So please let me know your opinions are about the pistol. Thanks
  2. JonM

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    they are very pretty guns fit and finish is usually very good with the exception of the S&W built guns which can be variable. ive owned two both were very ammo picky. accuracy was very good.

    currently own a manhurin built ppk/s in 22lr. damn fun gun to shoot.

    my two complaints are the very very poor triggers in double action and ammo finnickyness in the 380acp chamberings. i traded mine off for a bersa thunder

  3. danf_fl

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    I have two from Manhurin. One in .22 and one in .380.
    If I do my part and feed them the correct ammo, they are fun to shoot.

    Rarely do I shoot them double action. The hammer spring absorbs some of the recoil, so it is not recommended to change that spring (but that is the one that gives it a terrible double action trigger).
  4. utf59

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    My wife has one. It's pretty fun to shoot for a small gun. The double action trigger pull is heavy, but at least it's short. We had some trouble with it, but S&W took care of it, and so far it hasn't had any trouble since we got it back.

    We've both used it as a carry gun.