Walther PK380 Problem

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    Hello. recently I purchased two Walther PK380's.
    My reasoning was caliber and size. You see my wife is very small. I also liked the external hammer, double action and the placement of the magazine release.
    Well after shooting only two magazines the right dot to the rear sight fell out. I immediatly contacted Walter and they kindly replaced that little (and i mean little) dot. Appx. two weeks afer loosing that fist dot and replacing it I went to the range and the left dot to the rear sight fell out (needless to say i could not find it). Also the red lazer that came with the pistol now dims so low I cannot see it at the target. Now the two red dots facing the shooter are still illuminated brightly. I have to turn it off and back on then I can see the target dot.
    I currently have an Email out to Walther for my second set of problems.
    Has anyone else experienced what I have.

    Thanks in advance,
    Karl in Colorado