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Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by Axle, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. Axle

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    Anyone have any experience with the walther p99 ? I was checking one out the other day and it was nice enough that I might want to purchase
  2. Jay

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    I have an S&W 99, which is the S&W version of the P99. The only difference is the P99 has a Walther slide and barrel.

    It's a striker-fired weapon vs a hammer... has a de-cocker, and a cocked indicator, but NO safety.

    DA/SA ... first round can be SA, or DA. Subsequent rounds are SA

    Extremely easy to take down for cleaning without tools

    not match guns, but plenty accurate for self defense.

    light weight contributes to a bit more recoil, but it's not a serious difference.

    Mine has been trouble free for over 3000 rounds

    ..... hope this helps...... :)

  3. Bidah

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    They do come in different modes, such as DAO and QA, which is similar to the Glock/XD/M&P. I have also been itching to get one for a while, but I would like to try one out first. Of course finding one to try is a bit hard.

  4. Z71

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    Walther P99 DAO

    Two months ago I purchased a Walther P99 DAO. Trading it in on a Glock 19 next week. The DAO stands for dual action only which for this gun works poorly. The trigger pull is inconsistent, rough, and very long. It is also more pds than it needs to be. Because the pull is long one's finger will rub along the bottom gaurd every time. As a result accuracy suffers. With the slide removed one can pull the trigger and feel the roughness of the trigger mechanism and if pulled slowly will even lock.

    The gun is a beautifully designed weapon and ergonomically well fitting. Unfortunately, the DAO is not on my to own list. One thing I did find is that my accuracy with other firearms greatly improved after shooting the DAO.

  5. Seymour

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    Check out the New walther pps. Much better than the p99.
  6. hillbilly

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    just ordered a new p99

    i was wandering if anyone knows whether or not it will likely be a qa or as