Walther P38

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  1. ArmyMP71

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    I have come across a Walther P38 that was given to me by someone who didn't want it anymore. It has it's original finish and the Wehrmacht eagle and swastika acceptance stamp from the German Army in WW2. The serial number is 2510. Yes, 2510, so it is a pretty early production piece. Anyone have a rough estimate of what it might be worth?
  2. karlsgunbunker

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    Rough guess is $500+
    Best way to find out is check the Blue Book of Gun values or have it appraised by a professional.
    Alot can depend on condition.

  3. M14sRock

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    Value will be affected by whether or not it has an import mark on it. Pics would help assign a value.

    Matching numbers?
    Overall condition?
    How is the bore?
    Who actually made it? (there were many manufacturers of the P38's)

    There are many things that can affect value.
  4. Yardburner

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    I also have a P38 with the same serial number stamped
    on both the slide and the frame.

    Could it be that the slave labor just stamped whatever number they wanted on the pistols???

    Would like value info as well.

    I also have the original holster and clip.

    Looks to have been fired very little.
    Absolutely no wear on
    the moving parts.