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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by cadkins, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. cadkins

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    My wife and I went looking at handguns at some local stores. She wants a conceal gun. She looked mainly at the LCP and the Walther P22. Is the p22 any good? The low caliber kinda worries me.
  2. gilfo

    gilfo Member

    Check the Walther 380. Pretty much identical to the P22 but in a better caliber (in my opinion) for CC.

  3. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    Send her out the door with something she feels comfortable with.

    A 22lr is better than nothing.

    What's better than a 22lr? Pretty much everything else. Look at some 9mm or 38spl options. Maybe the Ruger SR9c. The average woman with healthy arms and hands should be pretty competent with an SR9c in her hands...that is, if she wants to be.
  4. yogiboobooranger

    yogiboobooranger New Member

    If you are going with a .22, try a Beretta Bobcat. My wife carries one and it is a great gun for beginners too. Once you have the mag loaded and inserted, you tip up the barrel to load the chamber. No racking necessary. It has a working safety as well. The gun can be unloaded easily by just tipping up the barrel and removing the cartridge. Then if an emergency comes up, you can rack the slide to quickly load one in the chamber to fire. My wife loves hers. We also have the Taurus PT22 as well, same gun but a little cheaper to buy but just as accurate and dependable.
  5. USMC_Richey

    USMC_Richey New Member

    So what your saying is, is that you don't think she could conceal a Nighthawk Custom 1911? :rolleyes:

    Because I mean, I think she would like it... :D
  6. Coach50

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    Thursday I bought a Ruger LC9 because:
    1. Ruger is a known manufacturer of quality weapons & customer service.
    2. 9mm ammo because it's the minimum caliber I wanted plus the ammo is inexpensive.
    3. It's small enough to be a CCW.
    4. It holds enough rounds 7 plus 1.
    5. It's relatively inexpensive.
    6. My wife said it was the most comfortable for her to handle.
    7. I will be buying another handgun soon just for her and it will be a 9mm too so I only have to buy 9mm ammo for us both.

    Everyone has their reasons for what they purchased and these are mine.
  7. arizona

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    Take a critical look at the Walther p22. It has many protuberances to catch on clothing and purses which could be an issue. Its safety is less then intuitive i.e. up is fire down is safe and if you own other pistols the mag release is a little funky. Finally getting leather for the p22 is going to be harder then for most any ruger. I own a walther p22 and like it for a plinking gun, training gun, trail companion and fishing tackle box gun not so much as a carry gun.
  8. cfraley

    cfraley New Member

    I personaly know a man who thought a .22 would be enough then one night in houston tx he was car jacked after shooting the crook 4 times center mass . If it was my wife she would carry nothing smaller than a .380 but thats up to ya'll. I carrya glock 27 now i am 6'5" and 230 lbs so i can hide it well just get to the range find out what shes good with and go. But pleas no 22 for PP target shooting all day though.
  9. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    P22 has had some issues, look up P22 bible with how to fix many of the common issues. IMO, it's a gun of last resort, and for that it's a really good choice. SWMBO now has a Bersa .380 and it carries very nicely for her.
  10. DodgeThis

    DodgeThis New Member

    My wife carries a P-22 daily and is friggin' scary with it. She can do exellent with it, and efficient. She's fast and lethal. the gun loaded with CCI stingers is pretty potent, contrary to what the rimfire haters are going to say. But as long as I can get her to carry it, it's better than a hand full of nothing. Heck I even grab it from time to time when I'm letting the dog out for a walk. Personally, I don't want to be staring down the barrel of any gun. I'm sure you won't be deciding if it's a .22lr or a 45acp. And this particular pistol don't go "click". So if it's what is comfortable for her, then so be it.
  11. Jstrong

    Jstrong New Member

    My father has a p22,it did have some trouble before we broke it in. But since then its ran great,awesome gun for getting someone addicted to shooting. The little sister and girlfriend both love it.
  12. lyodbraun

    lyodbraun New Member

    My wife has a P22 that she uses for her plinking gun and she loves it, the only ammo we shoot out of it is the CCI stuff that is well over 1100 FPS, other that when using ammo thats junk we've had no problems with it, I was thinking of getting me one also, found it on a website kinda different in color but I love that color.. here is a link to it.. Walther P22, Lime Green Carbon Fiber, 22LR, 3.4" - Impact Guns
  13. cbibb

    cbibb New Member

    Is she familiar with semi autos if she is get the biggest caliber she can handle and get a good brand try her with a smith m&p changable grips might be the way to go but check out other fire arms also many out there maybe go to a range that rents guns might want to try her on a wheel gun like j frame with a laser some times simple is better especially in stressful situations just a thought good luck
  14. sdcromer

    sdcromer New Member

    I own a P22 and would NOT stake my life on it. I would sell it, but I can't in good conscience sell an unreliable firearm to someone.

    Now Ruger just came out with a new 22 auto in the same general size as the P22 which has been getting very good reviews online.