Walther P22 Problems

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing Forum' started by partdeux, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Ok, now I know why I got the gun so cheap, it has ALL the typical problems.

    First, Stingers had a lot of FTL issues, I found if I just push the slide forward they would go in. The cheap CCI bulk ammo didn't have the same issue, but looking at the ramp, it's not highly polished like other firearms and there's a lip going into the barrel. One recommendation I received at the club range last night was to put a very small chamfer on the bottom barrel to help avoid getting hung up.

    Second big issue, which may help cause the first issue, the bottom of the safety on the slide has a major interference with the hammer. I don't know if the safety can be removed without impacting normal operations, but an alternative would be to grind down the surface slightly to get rid of the interference. I don't see any down side to that repair.

    Should I send it into Walther and pay them to do a checkup/repair on it?

    It's a cute little gun, and I can see my wife being a lot more willing to carry that firearm on a daily basis over her 9.
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    With the issues you are describing I would say to contact the Walther Repair Center and send it back. At least it should be 100% correct when you get it back and you will not take the chance of the advise of others that could cause damage to the pistol and cost more in the end than if you would have sent it to Walther's n the begining. That way they can check it out completely, including the Magazines you have for it. The number one cause of a pistol not operation and feeding correctly is the magazine. Also some pistols will just not feed certain bullets and configurations. Seemingly especialy in the compact and sub-compact pistol category.
    Good Luck!


  3. partdeux

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    Long story, but I had to do something, anything, before I lynched my youngest (18) on Sunday.

    P22 was calling my name :)

    looked in my Dremel kit and found a pointy buffing pad and grabbed some rubbing compound. After about 30 minutes of careful polishing, had a smooth shiny ramp, instead of the rough machined surface. Took a shiny larger diameter grinding wheel and took down the safety surface.

    Gun racks much better, out of 30 rounds, only had one round that was a touch slow, but it still slammed it home. Hopefully going to the range tomorrow, and hopefully it will work, because even if they might have fixed it for free, now they won't :)
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    Stingers have a slightly longer case than normal and dont always function. I have tried a couple of the P22's and had trouble with hollow points while 40 grn solids functioned perfectly. The 2nd P22 was a used for sale. worked very well with the solids until the rear sights fell off. The hollow points are useless in the short barrels anyway. I hope your touch up worked. You might try CCI Velocitors instead of the Stingers.
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    If you look for alther P22 problems on youtube you will get some good answers. I have probs with mine and found a loose screw on the bottom composite assembly.
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    Some firearms state in the user's manuals that Stingers should not be used.

    The chambers are not set up for Stingers (look at the Stinger case length vs. others).

    Check this out from a barrel manufacturer:
    Lilja Precision Rifle Barrels - FAQ
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    i bought some minimags and those are what I cycle through the gun. I may give the stingers to my wife to run through her ruger at the Friday plate competition. Every once in awhile the plate doesn't get hit hard enough to flip, and I'm thinking the hotter rounds will help push it :)

    The feed ramp out of the factory was really rough, not so much now. I can see the friction having a huge impact, and then combined with the slide interference, causing the FTL.

    The ears digging in will also need to be fixed, but need a little more time for that project. I also discovered insufficient light for my old eyes in dealing with little parts :) Going to install a big ole light over the work bench :)