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    please tell me if this is a good gun in the home or truck travel....

    Walther P-1 (P-38),,,9mmAll MATCHING NUMBERS!...MINT Condition!

    this guy wants $350 for the gun....

    tell me your reviews and will this gun go up in value?
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    The P1/P38 sells here for yout 150 Euros to 200 Euros.
    I don`t really think it will go up very much in price like the P08 Luger from WWII.

    Lot of the P1`/P38`s come from teh Bundeswehr and are in crappy condition.

    At least here in germany

  3. mdnelson1234

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    Careful of the muzzle crown

    Bought a P1 for 250 and thought I got a deal until I shot it and it it was always throwing to the left no matter what I did to the front sight. After close examination, I saw the gun had been dropped and the muzzle crown was damaged causing a land to have a wow in it. Fortunately, Brownells has replacement barrels and now it works flawlessly. Great gun Reliable and doesn't jam (much). One of the first double actions with decocker. Eats any load unlike my two Lugers which have problems. Kind of bulky for carry and Kydex holsters are rare. Not a good tactical magazine release but any gun will do....

    P1 is commercial version of P-38 and has been sold for years. Mine is an aluminum frame 1977 vintage. The date is usually stamped on the side. Only ww2 P-38's have any real collector value. If you get it, shoot it often and keep it clean. Older ones may need new springs (kit available at Brownells)

    Of course, You will have to hit an attacker twice to do the same damage as one slug from a .45. 1911's are also cheap and more robust. They are more American than kraut guns. Utah has made the 1911 the state handgun.
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    The only bad thing is that they can be picky eaters.
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    Hummmm, looks like they have already went up in value! :D I bought a like new P-1 with 2 mags & a flap holster from Gander Mt a couple years back for $250.00 OTD. I can't say what they are worth today, but most any weapon will go up in value if you buy it right and keep it a few years.


    I like my P-1, goes bang with anything I feed it. NEVER had a malfunction, easy to clean and accurate enough for me. They are not a target pistol by any means, but it groups pretty well. Good Luck! Ken
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    P1 is a great gun. 369.00 is the norm wholesale. Mags can be an issue. They are cheap for originals, but I have a few that need new springs, lots of mag jams. I have 8 mags, 5 are flawless. At $9.99 I can replace a few springs. Get it. In 8 months they will be over $380.00 wholesale. I paid $169.00 when they 1st came in.
    The god awefull camo holster is gone. I picked this up foe $14.00 online. An original soft holster.
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    German masterpiece.
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    So thats what they call the civie version.... Do they come in stainless? I always wanted to make a Megatron pistol... ;) Would it even be possible??

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    The one thing I dislike about these are that all P1s have sleeved barrels whereas the postwar P 38s do not. Even the later P4s have the sleeved barrel. You also notice that most P1s have a hex bolt in the frame to reinforce it, seems like these are prone to cracking as opposed to steel frames. Other then that the ones I have owned were decent shooters and a bargain when they were first imported. My dealer imported 1000 post war P1s and P38s and was selling the P1s for $195 so I bought a couple mint ones.

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    These are routinely available at AIM and SOG for $350 or under. I picked up 2 this year for $340 (including shipping.)
  11. jpattersonnh

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    Aim and Sog are wholesale, he would still need to pay shipping and transfer.