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    yeah. People rip people off on armslist. I would never buy ammo from anyone on there. BTW. It wasnt him selling it. Hes keeping it all to use.
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    Walmart just anger's the Piss out of me! 3 phone calls to corporate and no answer back from higher level,..much less the store GM. Meanwhile when we drive 45 Minutes over to one of the ones in Prescott we find (usually) that we'll get something we need. I started buying 45ACP again In small quantities with the possibility that I'll be buying one more stock 1911 for "Wild Bunch," and because I "broke out" the Combat Commander for a testing session at the range Sunday for the upcoming SD ammo review article.Well,.. my last trip to the Prescott Wally and I found some 45 Remington UMC,...but that is so rare these days...
    All I know is My local Wally never has ANY handgun ammo, because at least 2 people working there are buying it and reselling at least Some of it to a Local GS, who also lines up 2x a week at 4 am to wait for it to be shelved so they can mark it up 2X & 3X the price...