Wally World: "Legal" for CCW in NM

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    Our new law to carry in establishments that sell liquor for off-premise consumption went in effect today...I carried my PPK in my pocket this morning & I felt a lot better being legal..
    I must admit that Wal*Mart parking lots, especially in the evenings, really attracts a lot of rif-raft and altercations....
    I had to laugh at one critic who owns many convenience stores in our area. He stated that how is he supposed to know if someone is legal or not when they walk in his stores? The dope doesn't understand that "perps" don't follow the rules and they do what they hell they want...
    Others have praised the new laws and might help these convenience stores one day when "all hell breaks loose!":)


    Wally World "Legal for carry" in NM



    Not sure what your laws are like in NM, here in WV (Were I am), if you have a consealed carry and they have no sign against carry and they are not a facility serving wine or alchol, your OK! YUP, great feeling to be "Legal", I've carried both ways ina lot of diffreent states and countries and legal is always a lot safer for that!

    YUP, Wally World, as well as a lot of "Discount Joints" attract a lot of bottom feeders, so the good folks have to be arefull! It's a crazy world, thats why God gave us PP/PPKs and smaller 9Mm and 45's? LOL

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    weird, from my understanding most states its just against the law to carry in bars. if you go into a restaurant, just stay out of the bar. places that sell like stores or gas stations etc, are not considering serving establishments. i cant imagine someone actually thinking that they couldnt carry in a place like a store. weird, also, unless its a federal or government building of some sort, or state ordnance says otherwise, a sticker in a window, such as the one at the local theater here in my town, are placed there by the management. the management does not have the authority to supercede state law or the constitution, so in other words, just because there is a sticker that says no guns or no weapons, does not mean that you with a CCW cannot carry, the purpose of the sticker is to keep criminals worried about being caught. if you have a CCW you are not violating any laws, and you cannot be charged with any crime, if someone happens to see you carrying, the worst that can happen is that management will ask you to leave, even if a LEO working at the theater became involved, the management would still have to ask you to leave, and you would have to refuse before you could be charged with trespass. the LEO could only ask you to respect the wishes of the management and take the weapon to your vehicle. I carry everywhere. After the college shooting at VT, i even carry at my college. the weapon is safer in my possession that not in my possession.