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    One of the unfortunate side effects to living a long life is that your physical capabilities degrade with the onset of age. Many elderly understandably worry about becoming victims of violent attack, realizing that criminals will target the weakest. Regular vigorous exercise can slow the aging process, resulting in a longer period of independence. In the United States, learning to use a cane to defend oneself has become moderately popular amongst senior citizens. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121582129325447667.html?mod=hpp_us_pageone

    Although canes are nothing more than a sturdy walking stick, they are amazingly versatile as a go anywhere, always ready self defense tool. This martial art was most popular during the end of the Victorian Era, when it was considered fashionable for men to carry a walking cane. A fine manual can be found here, http://www.the-exiles.org/manual/lang/lang.htm The "Walking Stick" Method of Self Defense written by a British Indian Police officer in 1923These methods were picked up by Major W.E. Fairbairn in 1941 and widely taught to intelligence operatives of Britain's SOE and the American OSS during WWII.

    Military Police veterans who received training in use of the long riot baton will find these combatives quite familiar: http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/SMCT_CTT_Tasks/Skill_Level_1/1913764121-sl1-use-a-riot.shtml

    When confronted by a knife-wielding assailant, when all you have is a stick, using the stick as deadly force is defensible. The US Army MP skill level one study guide points out the five lethal strike zones where use of the a baton is NOT authorized. But defending your life against a deadly weapon and all you have is a stick, you turn this around, as Applegate Rex Applegate instructed OSS operatives in the classic treatise on combatives Kill or Be Killed http://www.americancombatives.com/aci/index/rex-applegate

    If you've been to South Africa, Singapore or India and seen first hand what trained native police do with sticks (because they are not permitted to carry firearms) you will leave with great respect for this primitive weapon.
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    It worked for Bat Masterson....

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    Well. sometimes I have to travel to states that are NOT CCW friendly- and I usually get there on an airplane, also not CCW friendly.

    So, I have just resigned myself to the fact that I cannot carry my favorite revolver in those settings. Old men resign themselves to things. Speaking of getting old, damage to knee and ankle, ya know. Helps to have a aid to get around. Like my walking stick. Yeah, black walnut makes a pretty stout cane- nice grain to it as well. Yeah, I like horses- my lady got me the brass horse's head knob for that one. They don't make them like that any more- 15 ounces of solid brass.

    Well, I'll just hobble over here to the other side of the X-Ray machine, and pick up my walking stick, and head for my flight to NYC. Y'all have a great day-

    And a great New Year to all of y'all. ;)
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    I have a "cane" with a 14 oz solid brass ducks head. Brutal weapon, I hope I never need it.
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    Presently, you probably won't be allowed to get on a plane with a straight stick with a brass head, but you can get on with a crook head cane if it's not cut to a sharp point. A 1&1/8 inch diameter hickory crook cane that has been modified for defense use is your best carry anywhere defense. Since you can't carry your handgun everywhere, I also teach my students the use of the martial cane (Combat rifle and pistol and riot baton instructor since 1959) Every weapons system requires the proper training. If you plan to carry a cane, check out Michael Janich's "Martial Cane Concepts" DVD.
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    willow stick

    They can be very effective . I carry a Diamond Willow Stick with an antler handle that is bound on with copper straps. If i hit you on the ankle with it you will fall down and probably cry : it really hurts. lol. No one thinks anything of it when I hobble down the the street or through airport security. They give me another to walk with while it gets xrayed. I had a fair amount of training with the P R 24 when I was a reserve police officer and as a shodan in Okinawin karate ( Shorin Ryu) we trained with the Bo (long staff) extensively.
    I am pretty confident I would come out ok in any thing short of a gun fight. Thats what we have Colt Pythons for lol