Waiting, waiting, waiting list...

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by sweeper22, May 7, 2013.

  1. sweeper22

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    So I've built several ARs in the last month or so and figured I'd get some pics up when they were done. But for several weeks now I've been waiting on one specific part (a handguard, of all things:confused:) for just one remaining build that keeps getting pushed back by Midway. Not their fault. They get it when the manufacturer ships. And their price can't be beat.

    I'm waiting on a foliage green Vltor Casv ML handguard at the moment. Kind of a specific part, but I decided I wanted it for a Noveske lower/BCM upper build a couple months ago. I'll probably sell off a rifle or two after the HG arrives and I can finally get 'em all together for one nice family photo, LOL.

    Mostly BCM barreled uppers (matching BCGs and CHs), PSA lowers, PSA/Magpul LBKs.

    Anyone else waiting for that one specified piece?
  2. ZombieKiller83

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    Waiting for BCM 20" uppers to surface again, VLTOR A5 setup, Aim point PRO and 9mm, .22lr and .40 at a decent price.