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    Does anyone have any background info on this gun from actually handling it and dealing with it. Its the only other 7.62 semi auto besides the mini 30 and sks that is allowed in my state and I like the look of it and the magazine capability, as well as its milled. Does anyone know why certain sites sell the adjustable stock one for around 500 but the wood stock is around 950? With Christmas around the corner id love some info.
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    The VZ58 is an AK type of Czechoslovakian origin. It's a good reliable weapon some of their receivers are milled and some are stamped. The mechanics are slightly different than that of an AK. The gas piston surrounds the barrel, then hits the op bar and cycles the carrier. It does not use a hammer and firing pin, but a spring driven striker and the piston is not fixed on the carrier.

    One thing to note is that AK mags are not interchangeable with the Vz.58 and I don't know how available they are. My guess is that if your state doesn't allow AK 47's you might be looking at a single stacked version of the Vz. 58 with a 10 round capacity. So if I were you I would check into magazine availability before purchasing. Google is your friend.;)

    As far as your question of price difference. Look at who built/imported it. You might be looking at two from different manufactures and my guess is that the cheaper one is a Century build. The more expensive wood stock rifle is most likely from a different builder and probably of better quality. But I could be wrong.
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