VZ58 rifle vs. SKS rifle differences?

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    Czechpoint - Product - vz. 58 Rifles - Sa vz. 58 Hi-Cap Sporter
    SKS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Vz. 58 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I've been reading the pdf manual on the czechpoint website and thinking about the innards of my beloved SKS. There are some similarities beyond caliber. Obvious difference in the bolt design with the VZ having a striker firing system vs. the SKS's firing pin system. The receiver cover is a bit different, as are the return springs. Obviously, the magazines for the OEM SKS are different than those for the OEM VZ58, but aftermarket removable SKS mags seem similar.

    What are the practical differences between the VZ58 and the SKS, in your opinion?

    Since i have an SKS, what would be the point of buying a VZ58, other than "collecting"?

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    So nobody else ever looked at these two rifles & wondered how close of "cousins" they really were?

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    I guess if you are really trying to relate the 2 mechanically, then I'm sure you can find enough similiarities to call the "cousins". But, by that same logic, the SKS is included in books geared towards the AK-47. Also the VZ58 is very similar to the AK in useage.

    I guess I kinda look at these weapons as ALL being part of the same classification, with some differences and similarities. The Israeli Galil is along those lines as well.

    All great, in their own way. :)
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    I could see how you might look at the operating handles and bolt carriers, in a dim light, from across the room, and ignore everything else, and say they're related. But they aren't, except a common caliber. Far closer to say the vz-58 is related to the STG 44.
    Why own a vz-58? Accurate, reliable, lightweight, fun to shoot. Let me put it another way - I used to have AKs and SKS rifles. I do have a vz-58. Not saying I wouldn't have another of each, but the niche is filled - the others would just be for the heck of it.
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    Sorry, the original SKS has an internal mag, which, IMO, makes the rifle.

    The profile just doesn't snag on things or get caught and tangled as easy in the


    One major difference which I prefer. Don't get me wrong, the VZ58 is a

    hell of a rifle.