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vz58 7.62x39

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I purchased a vz58 complete parts kit at gun show for $175 only item I need is the lower ;) Now can I uses a ak47 or must I use a VZ lower ? Now I did order in a bunch of the 80% blank lowers that sportsman guide can I mod one of those to work with the VZ58 ?

Thanks everyone
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The VZ58 design has nothing in common, internally, with the AK-47, AK-74, or AKM series of rifles.

The VZ58's use "short" stroke gas systems whereas the AK's use "long" stroke gas systems.

The lesser mass of the recoiling parts and the overall design of the VZ58 series make it lighter than the AK series and it has less felt recoil. If the Czech's made a version that accepted AK magazines, I wouldn't have any AK's.

The magazines for the VZ58 are a heavy duty aluminum design that are not interchangeable with any AK variant that I know of.

Both the VZ58 and AK-47 designs use 7.62x39MM cartridges and that's about the extent of "interchangeability".

The VZ58 receiver (there are no upper/lower receiver halves, just a dust cover like the AK series) takes multiple machining operations to complete. I'm not a machinist, but from the 80% receivers I've seen I'd say it's probably not a DIY project if you are not a machinist. I presume the 80% receivers were also not heat treated or hardened.

If you can mod one of those receivers to work reliably with AK magazines, that'd really be something to see.

Good luck with your project. Let us know how it goes.
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Now you will find why that VZ58 kit was so cheap.
I think this is the only place that you can buy a VZ58 receiver since Ohio Rapid Fire went out of business.
If the sicker shock doesn't knock you out, you may be tough enought to get it built.:eek:
Well looks like it will just go on armslist for sale as a project gun. Thanks guys for the reply. BTW I did see a lower somewhere for like $200 for the vz58 and didn't book mark it like a dumby lol
Cool rifles; i wanted one until the price at czechpoint jumped $250 in a week.
Is that the lower you need for $280?
you're the man O Thanks bro that is exactly what I needed ;) AwEsOmE
Post up some pics when you get it together. I will be envious.
I will also if I can figure it out I see it needs welding and that maybe a kicker for me :( but I will be trying I can't order it for about 2 weeks gotta get some $ in first spent $2000 on ar's & parts I found deals on ;)
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