Vz24 from AIM Surplus - Stock/Hand Guard Refinish?

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by bf109, Mar 28, 2011.

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    Hi, I got a Vz24 from AIM Surplus and am thinking of refinish the stock and hand guard.

    Last weekend, I removed the cosmoline from the wood stock and hand guard. To my surprise, not much cosmo came out of it. The stock was reddish and the hand guard was reddish brown when I got the Vz24 – mismatched colors.

    Now after “baking out” the cosmolines, the stock is more darkened/blackened reddish and the hand guard is more yellowish brown. The difference in color is apparent to bare eyes, which doesn’t look very good.

    Has anyone refinished the stock/hand guard after removing the cosmo? If so, how did you strip down the original reddish stains from the stock? Some people use hot water with soap while others use acetone (a kind of chemical).

    What’s the most effective method of stripping the reddish stains, which won’t have adverse effect on the wood?

    For refinished, what do you use to restore the finish on the Vz24? Mine was a Russian refurbished. What would be the original stock finish on the Czech Vz24? How about Boiled Linseed Oil or Tung Oil?

    Please share your experience. Thanks.
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    Not an expert of these- but since you are woodworking, try a woodworking product - Formby's Refinisher. Many of the Warsaw pact weapons had a varish or shellac as finish. Formby's (Home Depot, ACE, Lowe's. etc) is not a stripper (methyl chloride) but a buch of solvents (acetone, tolulene, xylene, isobutyl badstuff) that dissolve and spread those finishes. Flammable as hell, use in well ventilated area (outdoors is my preference) Worth a try.