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VZ 58 Diamiond in the rough

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I have always had ak's and respect the hell out of them but who can't? About a year ago I purchased a vz 58 from czechpoint and it has kept my ak in the safe! Parts are not everywhere like they are for ak's but its something different and extremely reliable. Russia was handing out ak's all over europe and allowed the czechs to keep the vz in the warsaw argreement. Basically this is another rifle that is better than the plastic squirrel shooter!
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That's definitely a rifle I would like to add to the safe.
two types

century arms vz 2008 which are hit and miss, and czechpoints vz 58. The way things are right now I would go ahead and get the d technik from czechpoint. They will restock soon and the price is $1095, while the centuries are going for 700-900. I know money does not grow on trees but its worth it to pay the extra for the fit , finish and 5 year warranty! Good luck buddy and you will not be let down!
CzechPoint vz58's for $899

GunUp has the vz58 for $899, just in case anyone was interested.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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