Vortex Strikefire & VMX3

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    picked up a vortex strikefire and then ordered a vmx3 magnifier which showed up today. im pretty impressed by the quality compaired to the cost. total cost for the strikefire red/green dot sight, vmx3 magnifier with qd swing mount was 350$ i prolly coulda got closer to 300$ total but the strikefire was an impulse buy at the gun shop/range.

    the main purpose is it is going to ride on my 458 socom and MAYBE in the future put together a 9mm upper or m4 upper. but right now its riding on my SW MP 15-22.


    the mount it came with swings out to the right or left depending on your preference and how you set it up.


    the strikefire redgreen dot comes with flip up lens covers an absolute cowitness ring mount which works with magpul mbus sights a lens cloth and cr2 battery. other ring/mount combinations are available but the ring mount vortex sends is a good solid ring and mount. proof is in the pudding when i put it on the 458 however. it seems solid and cowitness was spot on with only minor adjustment needed.

    the vmx3 can be had with various mounts/rings or standalone. the one i ordered came with a swing mount and absolute co-witness which was also spot on needing no adjustment. Also included see-through lens covers, lens cloth, allen wrenches for the mounts and a key for adjusting the centering of the optic with a red dot. the mount seems to be made of steel and is very solid and well constructed. the ring mount is similar construction.

    the only negative i have atm is the vmx3 when swung out or in the rubber cover on the magnifier body contacts the magpul mbus rear sight as its swinging. when its locked in place in or out it does not contact the rear sight.

    i will have further to add after shooting with this setup. its my first dot sight.

    vortex optics is located outside madison. i may have to go over and take a look at their showroom sometime. from their page: