Vortex Scope?!?!

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Trip83, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. Trip83

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    Hello all!! I recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308. Im looking at a few Vortex scopes. Anybody ever use a Vortex? or have any suggestions on scopes?? It will be used for law enforcement... I would like for it to be reasonable price!!
  2. CA357

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    I bought a Vortex red dot for my Mini 14 and never could get it zeroed. I sold it for a loss. Maybe I got a lemon, but I'm somewhat gun shy about buying another.

  3. spittinfire

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    I've got 2 and they are awesome!! I just put a 4-12x40 on my Marlin XL7 in 30-06 and it was great. I was zeroed within 12 rounds and after running the gun so hot you couldn't touch the barrel the zero hadn't moved.

    I've also got one on my AR15 a 6-24x50 and it's performance has been flawless.
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    Mr CA why did you sell it at a loss? Vortex scopes have a 100% lifetime warranty. All you would have had to do was call them and send it back. If they could repair it the will if not they would have sent you a brand new Red Dot Site.
  6. baddog

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    I can recommend their regular Viper line .I have two ,both are 6.5-20x44 PA ,the one with the dead-hold BDC have thick crosshairs which take some getting use to .My other one has V-plex crosshairs which are much finer.They have good glass and many features that I really like.Their turrets are very easy to set to zero once you get sighted in ,really like that.Their customer service is suppose to be very good ,can't say myself as I haven't had any problems yet,I think I've had them acouple of years now if I remember correctly.
  7. Txhillbilly

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    The Vortex scopes that I've looked thru,just never impressed me. I chose to go with Sightron SIII scopes for the last couple long range rifles,and I'm planning on getting a couple more of them.

    The Viper's that I looked at had glass that would put them in a class with a Burris Fullfield,or Mueller. Nothing that special!

    Everyone keeps say "Lifetime Warranty" when talking about Vortex.
    There are very few scope manufacturer's that don't have Lifetime Warranties,so that doesn't really come into play unless your looking at brand's that don't.
    According to Sightrons warranty,if you have a problem,they'll just send you a brand new scope instead of having to wait for a repair on yours.