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For you Bren Ten lovers out there, here is some good news: photo from the 2009 Shot Show:

Official website with most current updates (last time I checked it was 2-11-09) about the Fortis Pistol Project: Fortis Pistol Project Updates

Initial Press Release, Feb. 2008:

Due to the overwhelming and positive response to the Fortis Pistol Project, we would like to address some of the questions, comments and concerns that we received from the 2008 Shot Show.

First and foremost, the Fortis Pistol is neither a concept nor a "market study"; we are moving forward with the Fortis. As many people saw at the show, we have finished a great deal of the design work and are evaluating prototype design models now. We are taking every possible step to ensure that the Fortis will incorporate the absolute best materials and manufacture technique available.

As part of a leading aerospace manufacturer, Vltor is able to use state of the art computer simulations for design testing, stress analysis, and geometric dimension and tolerance testing; furthermore, the Fortis will undergo extensive range testing and evaluation, to ensure that the final release product is worthy of the place it will take in the handgun world.

We are not yet ready to commit to a release date for the Fortis. We have learned from others in the industry that announcing a release date this early most often leads to one of two things: The release date is missed, causing discouragement and anxiety in buyers, or the product becomes a "rush job" to meet the release date. We will avoid the old axiom that there is never time to do it right, but always time to do it over and take the time to ensure that the Fortis is done right the first time. With that said, we expect that the first release of the Fortis will be around the end of the year.

As for the estimated price of the Fortis, this can set the same type of trap as guessing a release date - or goal is to bring the base level Fortis to the market, at a price that is competitive with a mid-level 1911 style pistol.

The First release of the Fortis is being developed in both 10mm Auto and .45ACP, there will be other calibers available in the future. Also, while identical in appearance and feel, the first release will not be a 100% reproduction of the original Bren-Ten pistol; there are design modifications to improve the strength, safety and reliability of the pistol. It is too early to say what parts will be interchangeable between the Fortis and the original Bren-Ten.

After the first release of the Fortis, we will offer other models and levels of finish in the Fortis line. In addition to compact, tactical and lightweight designs, we will offer an exact reproduction of the original Bren-Ten as a legacy collector.

Eric S. Kincel
General Manager
Vltor Weapon Systems
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