Virginia State: Any Handgun Competitions in Norfolk/Hampton Roads Area of Virginia?

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by sausn2002, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. sausn2002

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    Any Hampton Roads Citizens of Virginia out there that can help me out?;)

    I've been having trouble finding a Local Competition for Handguns in my area (I live in Norfolk).

    I have great confidence in my skills and everytime I shoot with the Navy I score a 240 out of 240 (based on Law Enforcement Scoring I think). I was the best shooter on my ship before I left it in March 2009. I'm really thirsty to go out and win something for the Handgun skills I know I have, but have always had trouble finding that Competition out there close to where I live (I know there are other competitions in Virginia, but at the moment I can't drive out there that easily).

    If there are any Virginians out there, especially Hampton Roads citizens that know of any of these Pistol Shooting Competitions, please let me know! :eek:
  2. c3shooter

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    Not in the Hampton Roads area (closer to Richmond) My club (Black Creek Shooters) is about 6 miles from Richmond airport, and sponsors several shoots each year. But I'll bet you a beer that if you check with a senior Gunny over at the Marines at Camp Elmore, or with some of the folks at Little Creek (Seals) they may know of some of the NRA sanctioned matches around the area. Or just check with the NRA. Um...... you ARE a NRA member, right? :rolleyes: