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    I just cant seem to get it out of my mind that i really want to put together a vintage solid state stereo system. The ones from 70s-80s. There heavy as hell,big with large knobs and i just dig these things!





    Pioneer To name afew. Anybdy else have there old system still kickin around? I got into repairing these awile back,learned alot but didnt have the time for totall restore of circuits and the such.:cool:
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    I still have an SAE TWO R9B stereo reciever that I run a couple of Infinity RSM studio monotors with. The speakers are power hogs and draw down to near 0 Ohm's. Most amplifiers now days won't drive these speakers as the new designs speakers, for many years now, are more efficient and the new amplifers dont put out as much current as these older amplifiers did. The R9B was rated at 90 watts per channel, but, that was definately a very conservative figure even back in 1980 when I bought it, as it drives these speakers well. I have rebuilt the Infinity speakers with NOS from Orange County speakers a couple of times and they work well.
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    Tube equipment is badass!! About 10 years ago, I was suffering from a lack of creativity. So, I got it in my mind that I wanted to build a Vacuum Tube Amplifier. My brother-in law's brother is an electronic genius, so I had him modify plans from an existing one to suit my needs. It is ON/OFF, and volume only - no other adjustments. It is point-to point wiring, built on an aluminum backplane, with a black walnut & spanish cedar case. To be honest, I do not recall how many watts. Around 25 or so, but it drives the Yamaha speakers I have attached to it nicely.