Vietnam POWs 40 years after their release

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    Countem, 3 times the tears welled up in my eyes while watching that! As much as I have blamed Richard M over the last 35 years for being one of the first presidents to truly disgrace the Office, it takes something like this to remind me that Watergate wasnt his only legacy. He did what some before and many after promised to do but never came through with, brought our Service Members home, he kept that promise and that means a hell of allot more to me than his remembered attempts to cover up the petty crime of a couple of his minions! Richard M saved allot of lives in Vietnam, theirs and ours, he deserves to be remembered for everything he did, not just the one slip in judgement that was the spawn for every"gate" since coined due to his impeachment.

    As for all of you on here that served in Vietnam and other calls to duty, I send a great big heart felt salute with a side order of terminal respect for all you gave up on behalf of someone elses warring idea! Those that didnt return hear my praises of their service in my prayers. I have never forgot the B&W newsreels every night I watched as a child, every night as they recounted the dead and injured for the day, week and month. I cant stop seeing the eyes of my neighbors grieving as they mourned the losses of their Sons and Grand Children.

    Our country owes you all a debt of gratitude we can never truly repay. God bless you, your parents, your friends and your families, they have all known greatness in you we can never come close to with our pitiful lives spent judging and armchair General-izing about your service.

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    D N - Thank you for posting that! Starting off my Sat. morn. with tears rolling down my cheeks isn't how I envisioned my day starting but that is worth every moment!

    Ditto on what WF38 said!
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