Video - Using Lee's new steel bench block

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    If you saw my video, "Reloading in a Small Space", you know I use a Lee Precision Bench Plate on the "Harry Potter" bench to maximize my use of that small space.

    I love that system, but with the original wooden bench blocks, they have a tendency to walk out of the clamps under heavy use. This isn't a real problem, you just reset them and tighten the screws, but it is annoying enough that I made my own homemade fix.

    Well now Lee has done what I hoped they'd do. They've made steel bench blocks with a raised stop that keeps them from walking out of the clamps.

    This video shows how they work

    [ame=]Small Space Reloading with a Lee Steel Bench - YouTube[/ame]

    and, if you haven't seen it, here is the original video showing the Harry Potter bench

    [ame=]Reloading in a small - YouTube[/ame]