VIDEO: Springfield 1903 - World War II Style!

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    Hey guys, thought I'd share this closer look at a Remington 1903A3 Word War II bolt action.

    As far as I can tell the receiver was made in late 1942 and the barrel if from July 1944, most of the stock appears to be original, with the top forend wood being replacement at armory? Or by a later owner?

    Wish this rifle could talk, I'm sure it would have some interesting stories to tell. My hunch is that the barrel was swapped out at the armory when it was turned in, during WWII for rebuild. The corrosive .30-06 used at the time was a barrell killer, particularly in the Pacific theater where routine maintenance was not the best and the high humidity made the corrosive salts in the primer even more of a problem.

    Firing this thing is an experience. The felt recoil is powerful and I have to say I do not "enjoy" shooting it more than about twenty times or so and for whatever reason this thing is so darn loud. I'm saying this in comparison to shooting my M1 Garands.

    Any of you have a 1903A3?

    [ame=""]Here's a link to the video.[/ame]
  2. JonM

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    very good video!!

    ive got a springfield made by remington serial number begining 404

    yours is a 1943 not a 42 while the barrel stamped is a 44 its entirely within the possiblity of originality since yours was made in november/december of 43. its possible it got mated up with a 1944 barrel at the factory. even at that time they were producing recievers much faster than they could be barreled so there are a lot of correct matching recievers with barrel dates up to a year after the reciever was made. by that time of the war its highly unlikely yours or mine saw any combat and was likely issued to garrison troops in the states or used as a training rifle.

    remington dates by serial number
    1943 M1903/A3 M1903A4

    Jan 3384420
    Feb 3458758 3407193
    Mar 3520614 3408656
    Apr 3573277 3409166
    May 3710958 3409290
    Jun 3780746 3411732
    Jul 3824829 3414499
    Aug 3888272 3417914
    Sep 3955409 3420874
    Oct 4023778 3422503
    Nov 4088927 3423968
    Dec 4147887 3424856

    i find it to be a mild shooter with military 150grain and handload 168grain loads. recoil goes up just a scootch with heavier bullets. sound is about the same as any 30-06 hunting rifle. but im used to shooting 458 winmag rifles and 45-70

    accuracy is phenomonal for a war gun. mine is easily sub moa out to 300yds with handloads. the action is butter smooth and i LOVE the magazine cutoff feature it makes single loading rounds while keeping a full magazine a very handy feature.

    the clips for speed loading work awesome. the springfield 1903A3 is definately my favorite war rifle even above the garand. the thing i hate the most about the garand is the poorly designed rear sight. its clunky hard to adjust and can be easily knocked out of alignment. the only fault of the 1903A3 is the unprotected front sight blade as you said.

    here is mine



    i traded of a ruger SR556 for this one. best trade i ever made!!
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    Nicely done video. I love the 1903 rifles - Truly classics!
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    I love my Springfield!! Its the favorite in my collection right now.. (Until I find my Garand.. :p )
    Mines just a M1903, made in 1933. The accuracy is just awesome! I have a buddy thats into "fancy smachny" modern rifles, always making fun of me and my "relics", he even loved the '03.
    It took a little longer to get use to, but Ive grown to like the old M1905 sight.
    Why doesnt the -A3 have a front sight protector? My '03 does..

    Hey just noticed that the "Hatcher hole" on mine is on the opposite side.....

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  5. Amsdorf

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    Thank you for the great information! Really appreciate it.

  6. JonM

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    that is just a shipping protector. each rifle had one when it was put in the crate with its buddies for shipment from the factory. they were removed at the armory on delivery and generally thrown away. they do make excellent sight hoods but that wasnt the intended purpose in being placed on the rifle