Video: Proof that Conceal Carry Permit Holders Live in a Dream World

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    [ame=""]YouTube - Proof that Concealed Carry permit holders live in a dream world[/ame]

    This really pissed me off. :mad:

    This is what I posted in comments:

    Sorry if this has been kicked to death already here. It was new to me.
  2. Alchemist

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    Most of the points they're making don't bother me much but the title and concept of the whole piece... "Proof that CC permit holders live in a dream world"... bothers me A LOT. Those subjects WERE NOT CC permit holders - except for probably one as far as I can tell - and there IS NO PROOF of anything... just a tiny bit of anecdotal information. Beyond that... and this is highly subjective... I don't know exactly why... but I can't stand watching Diane Sawyer so I generally don't.

  3. NOVA

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    Video should have different title

    To me the only value of this video is that it illustrates people need to train - and what can happen if they don't get the training they need to handle a crisis situation. Watching the video convinces me I need more training - the cop on the video implies that even LEOs lose their proficiency if they don't train every month.
  4. c3shooter

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    So what is the alternative that they offer? Relying on the "good will" of a person that has decided to kill as many of his fellow students as he can?

    Think I'll pass on that. This video is a great example- of how George Orwell's 1984 is coming to be reality.

    War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength
  5. Polygon

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    I don't have any problem with the underlying message, which is training and that it is important. However, I have a huge problem with the title of the piece and the false pretense it gives someone before they even watch it. Just another journalist making their usual generalized, ignorant statements on a subject they know nothing about. I really like how alchemist put it.

    Here's the comment I left:

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  6. JonM

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    of course abcnews once again misses the point by diving into unreality. most ccw usage resulting in goblins being defeated or driven off are completely untrained seldom if ever fire their carry weapon. goblins train even less than that.

    their study is totally bogus putting people in unrealistic attire trying to ward off a highly trained law enforcement swat officer. no goblin has that sort of discipline or training or they wouldnt be goblins...

    the purpose of ccw/oc is to give the average joe a CHANCE at self defense not as a guaranteed 100% security blanket.
  7. jjfuller1

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    thats horrible that they would consider that to be a "study",. they had the students all sit in the same chair. same sidearm.. one of the many reasons i always pick a seat with my back to the wall. and different sidearms work best for different people in all situations. but i do aggree training is key.
  8. Dragonheart

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    Yes, he was handicapped by his dress and it was obvious he suffered from lack of real proficiency, but fact of the matter is he had more warning than a concealed handgun carrier would have had in a similar situation. He was not ready and his gun was not ready. What this proves is if you are going to carry you need to practice to the point that drawing your handgun is second nature and secondly the gun needs to be ready to fire as soon as it comes out of the holster, purse, pocket, etc.
  9. WDB

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    Given a pistol & holster that I have not practiced with, cloths that I wouldn't wear when I CC and add the head gear. No wonder why all looked like they weren't familar with the firearm. Also add in the test subjects knew the firearm they had was shooting paint, letting them know they are not going to actually need it for defense. The only thing of value in this is to remind us all to practice with what we CC, the the holster we CC in and dressed as we would daily. Then practice, practice and more practice.
  10. Bighead

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    And beyond all the built in bias, I have two questions:

    1. Is it better to die without a firearm to defend yourself?

    2. The scenario was a college classroom. What about the concealed carry holder in the classroom next door? Could that person be ready when the killer moves up the hallway?
  11. Yunus

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    That's an often overlooked and excellent point about carrying and one that seems like it's becoming more common with recent events, like school shootings and other attacks on large groups of people not just an individual trying to rob someone.
  12. rjd3282

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    Who the hell wears a helmet and gloves in a classroom?
  13. pugbro

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    I agree with only one point in this video..TRAINING IS KEY! I haven't ridden a bicycle in over 50 yrs..Yes I can still ride it but not very well..Without training you can still shoot your gun..but not very well..The rest of the video is just like all the games they referred to...pure fantasy!
  14. FatPat

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    I've seen this posted on another board and it's BS pure and simple. Of course, when has that ever mattered? You can append "scientific" on practically anything and people will take it as gospel.

    Look at that nutjob Bear Grylls. Do 9/10ths of the stunts he pulls and you'll find yourself dead or dying PDQ. But he's an expert. People will believe anything if it's stupid enough. Try applying a little common sense and they'll look at you like you're from another planet.
  15. texaswoodworker

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    That was no study, That was some BS created by liberals to help their cause. Had they had someone with a real ccw, the shooter may have been dead before fired his first shot.

    PS. Pull your shirt back if it is over the gun like that so the gun doesn't get stuck in it.

    OK, done with my rant.
  16. Gatekeeper

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    Trained instructor, weapon drawn getting a running start, knowing which novice student has the gun concealed. Hmmm I'm shocked by the results:rolleyes:
    Training is good, training under stress is even better. I think this video helped stress the importance of that. It's a shame they have to skew obvious results to fit their anti agenda.

    I love the "Most of the time, running away or even hiding works better" or the "expert" with the argument "only 50 percent of the criminals would actually fire, out of that only xx% would actually hit you and out of that only xx% of those hits would actually be fatal, just play the odds!!"

    Dear lord that's brilliant! Just duck and cover and hope the statistics lottery is in your favor. Then count on the good will and poor marksmanship of psychopaths, and everything will be just fine:rolleyes:
  17. texaswoodworker

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    Mmmm, Hiding and hoping while your friends and classmates are being slaughtered or turn the guy into swiss cheese and save almost all or all the people in the room including yourself.... I think I'll go with filling the guy full of holes.
  18. FatPat

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    Not to mention, it's kind of hard to miss when he puts that gun to your head and pulls the trigger, which he would have all the time in the world to do since you ain't shootin' back.
  19. texaswoodworker

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    Yeah, It's kind of hard to miss that shot unless he's the worst shot in the world.:D
  20. wmille01

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    untrained people plain and simple, the kid who had the experience on the range is good at shooting paper not a man with a gun. The state of Indiana does not require a person to take a class before getting there CCL the state of Kentucky does. The news has all ways thought they know what there talking about esp. with guns. The reason KY is so awesome when it comes to guns is people like this

    [ame=]YouTube - ‪The Truth About AK-47 Firepower‬‏[/ame]

    remember the news said this rifle could blow a deer to smithereens...