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    Hi folks,
    I was hoping to get some information on one of my dad's shotguns. I know it's a Victor Sarasqueta, made in Eibar Spain. I know he had it shipped to him in 1967, though i'm not sure when it was built.
    I also know that he had a 'Miller' trigger put into it. I do have the original trigger still though. He always kinda made a big deal about the Miller trigger and i'm not sure why. the paperwork says it's a model DH (one i can't find in the good book (blue book) i have), and it's a 12 guage.

    the gun is not for sale and i know that it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it :D

    i'm wondering what something like this would go for, just rough guess, market value...i'm just wondering what i have, is all.

    this all came about because a cousin of mine wanted to buy a rifle from me, and i had to get an assessment for that. while getting an assessment for the rifle, i've been taking this shotgun along and i'm getting nowhere with it. one 'assessor' even told me the mfg'er was 'Eibar' :confused:

    BTW, the winchester pre-64 model 70 .243 rifle i had assessed didn't get sold either...didn't know what i had, so i'm keeping it.

    it's a really cool gun, one my dad loved (he passed in 2005), and i'm glad i'm able to have it.
    attached are some pics. any input would be cool.

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    there were three different Sarasqueta shotgun makers and all of them if i am not mistaken were from the Eibar Spain area. the Victor Sarasqueta shotguns were the oldest and are the most desireable of all of them. these usually command the most money. the second one were the Felix Sarasqueta shotguns, also from Eibar Spain and were very well made shotguns but not near as nice as the Victor Sarasqueta's. which Feix was a cousin to Victor as the story goes. Victor Sarasquetas were made for nobility and people of wealth and Felix Sarasquetas were more for the middle class. the third was, J.J. Sarasqueta and from what i have read was of no relation, just capitilized on the name to sell guns that were quite inferior to the others. i found a lot of this out when doing some research for my father on his shotgun, which is a 410, SxS Felix Sarasqueta, imported by FIE in Miami FL. according to different sources, yours could range in value from around $900 to $3500, depending on condition, age and other factors. hope this helps you out.

    i checked out the pictures of your shotgun, very nice engraving and looks to be in very good condition, very nice shotgun there. my dad's doesn't have as much engraving as yours. enjoy that fine shotgun!
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