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    what better way to spend veterans day than by blasting targets after getting a free dunkin donuts coffee. :)

    my wife was not into going at first i just pretty much demanded she go with me today. once we arrived and she shot "raven" she was very glad i made her come.
    i loaded up a bunch of toys to take.
    stag model 4<mine
    stag model 2< hers
    ruger p345 <mine
    ruger sr9c < hers
    sig 226 in .22lr < mine
    ruger single six< ours

    i see a trend here^

    my wife did great as always, i've obviously trained her to be better than me so i can use her as a threat :cool:

    shot the single six at 25 yards. it did really good. i love it
    sig kept them all in an 8in circle at 25 yards.
    p345 did amazing at 25yards
    and the AR's peppered the bullseye at 25, and 50 yards..

    yellow shoot n c was ruger single 6

    multi coloroed shoot n see were my wifes AR at 50.
    the orange is my AR at 50

    big white and blue is the p345, and my ar at 25.

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    Looks fun and the guys generally get the bigger guns.